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Backing Up 101 – Six Different Ways to Back Up (And Which Ones You Should Use)

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Backups Confuse You?

If the answer is a loud and resounding YES!, as it is for many people, then Backing Up 101 is for you.

In plain English, Ask Leo!’s Leo Notenboom gives an overview of the back up landscape, detailing in story and description six different ways of backing up your data and your computer, including recommendations for when and when not to use each.

Do you know when no backup at all is appropriate?

How about using tools like Dropbox – a data synchronization and sharing utility – for backing up data?

What’s the bottom line safest and best approach?

All that and more in this overview of different ways to back up.

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Backing Up – The Closest thing to a Silver Bullet

Having a proper and recent backup can save you from all of those scenarios and more. In fact, there’s very little that a good backup can’t rescue you from.

Malware infection? Restore from a backup and it’s gone.

Bad software update? Restore from a backup and it’s removed.

Need that file you deleted last week? Restore it from a backup.

I could go on singing the praises of backups … but hopefully by now you get the idea.

You should backup.

So why aren’t you?

Backing Up 101 – Six Different Ways to Back Up (And Which Ones You Should Use) will get you started down the path of data safety.

If It’s In Only One Place It’s Not Backed Up

Think about your data.

Think about your most important data.

Now, imagine that data gone – *poof* – in the blink of an eye due to a hard disk crash or other catastrophic failure.

Is that simply an inconvenience, or does it send chills down your spine?

If the later, then you know you should be backing up.

If you’re not sure, then you probably should be backing up.

Backing Up 101 – Six Different Ways to Back Up (And Which Ones You Should Use)  will help get you started.

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