The Ask Leo! Guide to Routine Maintenance

The Ask Leo! Guide to Routine Maintenance (PDF)


Make Your Computer Last!

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Make Your Computer Last

The Ask Leo! Guide to Routine Maintenance is all about helping you:

Keep your computer running longer. There are simple steps you can take, today, to lengthen the useful lifespan of your existing Windows computer.

Avoid spending money you don’t need to spend. By paying attention to some basic maintenance you can delay unneccessary and often costly upgrades, replacements and expansions that, in reality, you might not need.

Speed up your computer. There are things to do, and things to avoid doing, that can keep your computer running as fast as it possibly can – for as long as it possibly can.

Free up space. Is your disk filling up? There’s a good chance that a bunch of it is stuff you don’t need. Learn how to identify what to keep and what to trash (and what to backup and then trash).

This collection of articles culled from the pages of Ask Leo! are the steps you need to take “every so often” that can help keep your computer running at its peak.

I see people discarding computers way too early. It just doesn’t have to be that way, especially when the problem that they’re trying to solve is all about software, not hardware.

Don’t be one of those people. The Ask Leo! Guide to Routine Maintenance will help you keep your computer running smoothly without costly replacements.

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Ask Leo! Guide to Routine Maintenance

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Written in easy-to-understand style, and complete with step by step screen shots I’ll show you how to:

  • prepare for common problems (beyond just backing up)
  • avoid things that shorten the effective life of your computer and just generally make life difficult
  • clean up your computer by removing things you just don’t need – some of it even automatically!
  • analyze and repair problems with your hard disk
  • speed up your hard disk
  • keep an eye on your system for potential problems, and misbehaving programs

All using free tools or tools already included in Windows to help you easily get the job done.

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