Why would Paypal take one business day to confirm?

To put it bluntly: we don’t know either.

Frequently when our shopping cart processes a Paypal payment it does not get the confirmation from Paypal that the transaction completely properly, and leaves your purchase in a “pending payment” state. We’ve seen this now with two different shopping carts, and believe it to be an issue with Paypal.

But we want you to be able to pay with Paypal, so here’s what we do:

Several times a day I or my assistant will manually check to see if there are any purchases in this pending state. If there are we then manually check Paypal to make sure the transaction actually completed properly (it almost always has). We then manually mark the sale as completed, and you get your confirmation email, download link and whatever else is appropriate.

So why a business day?

As I said, we check several times a day, so it’s typically much less that that, depend on exactly when you purchase. Unfortunately I can’t guarantee that we’ll always be looking at that frequency – particularly on weekends and holidays. At least once a business day (Mon-Fri in the US) I can safely say.

If it’s been more than one business day and you haven’t received your purchase, then by all means drop us a line at sales <at> askleo.com. We’ll get you squared away as quickly as possible.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.


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