Just Do This: Back Up!

Just Do This: Back Up!Is this how you feel when faced with thoughts of backing up?

“I was immediately so overwhelmed that I gave up.”
– An Ask Leo! reader

If that sounds too true, then Just Do This: Back Up is for you.

Backing up doesn’t have to be hard. Honest. Making copies of everything important is about as simple as it can be.

The problem is that there are so many options. Each option requires a decision. Each decision requires a choice. Each choice is an opportunity for uncertainty and confusion.

  • Figuring out what, if anything, to buy.
  • Understanding what’s “important” and in need of backing up.
  • Figuring out how to make backups happen automatically.
  • Worrying about the security of your backups.
  • Backing up things where the very concept of “just make a copy” isn’t at all obvious.

It can quickly get overwhelming.

Clarity: Just Do This

Instead of giving option after confusing option, Just Do This: Back Up outlines a step by step arrangement for backing up your desktop or laptop PC that just works. Follow these instructions, watch the videos that are included with the book, and you’ll be backed up. You’ll be protected against everything from hardware failure to malware infestation and all the minor-to-major inconveniences in between.

Have a Sample

Download the first 10% of the book, including the table of contents, in PDF form: right or shift-click here and “Save As…” to your computer.

I’ll make the hard decisions for you. Together we’ll back up your computer, and keep it backed up. We’ll:

  • Get an external hard drive.
  • Make an image backup.
  • Schedule automatic image backups.
  • Install and configure Dropbox for nearly-continuous backup of your work in progress.
  • Install and configure BoxCryptor Classic to protect your valuable data in the cloud.
  • Install and configure Dropbox on your smartphone, for immediate backup of the photos you take.
  • Install Thunderbird and configure it to back up your on-line email account.
  • Talk about a few reminders for things left for you to do manually on a semi-regular basis.

What People Are Saying…

All using free software that you’ll download from the internet. And of course I’ll show you how and where to do that safely!

Once you register your book, you’ll also get access to videos online that demonstrate the software setup and configuration used, as well as updates, errata, prioritized help and more.

Don’t worry – I’ll give you guidance if you want to do things slightly differently. Either way, you’ll also be able to make changes later as your needs, and your own comfort level, changes.

Backups are important. So important that if you do nothing else

Just Do This: Back Up!

Guaranteed!What’s Included

Included with every purchase:

  • The book, in whichever format you prefer (PDF, directly from me, Kindle or Paperback from Amazon).

After you register your purchase:

  • The book, in all digital download formats: PDF, MOBI (for Kindle), and ePub (for other e-readers).
  • Videos demonstrating software setup and configuration.
  • Prioritized contact and support.
  • Errata.
  • Digital Updates for life.

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